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No benefit

By Sam Zanahar (2010)

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If I would have had a choice, I would have elected never to have been born. This is, because I will be dead anyhow, and nothing will remain, so why bother?

Parents have children not for the benefit of their children but in an attempt to add meaning to their own lives. Therefore, parents owe to children, and children do not owe to parents.

Some of us will die a gruesome death, a death so gruesome that no previous joy will ever result in a positive net balance for that person's life. Which is why, in retrospect, not only optimal sexual experience makes life worthwhile to live. A gentle death is an equally legitimate concern.

I shiver when I imagine medieval torture chambers and the lives of those who have been incarcerated in ancient dungeons. Unable to choose a self-delivered exit, because we are just not built for suicide.

In decadent Rome, you could live a life of exquisite pleasure. After all, as long as you could afford it, you could have your pleasure slaves, and there was no limitation in what you could do with them or to them.

Or you could end up being tortured in the most gruesome manner imaginable, for the curiosity and pleasure of the public at the Colosseum.

For most humans that have ever lived, it has been no benefit to have been born. (le*n)

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